Weapons Policy

Possession of dangerous weapons - concealed or unconcealed - on University property, on the worksite, in University vehicles, or in personal vehicles when on University property shall be a violation of UNL policy. A dangerous weapon shall include guns, knives, explosives, or any other device defined by statute or as determined by the University, which in the manner used or intended is capable of producing death, harm to person or property, or bodily injury. Violation of this policy shall make the offender subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal action.

Exceptions: This policy shall not apply to: a) students, faculty and staff when in direct transport of dangerous weapons between off-campus and weapons storage at University Police; and b) members of athletic teams who train and use firearms as a part of their competition in the University's rifle range, or in direct transport between firearms training facilities and authorized weapons storage facilities; c) authorized UNL Police personnel; d) law enforcement officers and security personnel working directly with UNL Police and acting in their official capacity for purposes of carrying out work responsibilities; e) persons authorized by the facility administrator for IANR units to use and store dangerous weapons consistent with the Weapons/Hunting Policy of IANR as it applies to IANR research sites located outside the city limits of Lincoln, Nebraska.

In order to maintain and protect the health and safety of UNL property or persons on UNL property, persons who are neither UNL employees nor students who are found to be in possession of a dangerous weapon on UNL property may be subject to immediate seizure of the weapon by the University of Nebraska Police Department and removal from campus. Seized property not held as evidence in an investigation will be returned to the person upon exiting UNL property.

Students, faculties, and staffs have access to weapon storage located in the University Police Department while on-campus. For more information, please visit this page.