Police Advisory Board

Board Members

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Kerra Russell – Senior Associate Director of OASIS and JGMC
JGMC 152
Lincoln, NE 68588-0450

Chancellor’s Commission on Status of People of Color

Malvika Vijju
Student -Junior

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Reegan Stocker – UNL Student

ASUN Diversity and Inclusion

Cameron D. Collier – ASUN

Chancellor’s Commission on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct

Kenji Madison - Associate Director for Big Red Resilience and Well-Being
HCCN - 550 N 19th Street
Lincoln, NE 68588

Residence Hall Association

Lisa Mueller – Vice President of RHA
CASNR Student
Lincoln, NE 68588

UNL Police Department

Chief Hassan Ramzah

Sergeant Nolan Conradt

University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association

Debra Henricks – Executive Secretary – Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
106 Canfield Admin Bldg
Lincoln, NE 68588-0423

University Association of Administrative Development

Jeff Sherrill – Director of IT, College of Business
Howard L. Hawks Hall 411D
Lincoln, NE 68588-405

Graduate Student Assembly

Morgan Jacoby – Graduate Teaching Assistant

Chancellor’s Commission on Gender/Sexual Identities

Colleen Kadleck - Associate Professor, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice
316 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0561

Chancellor’s Commission on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct

Jamie Vaughn - Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
Osborne Athletic Complex W122
Lincoln, NE 68588

Association of Students of the University of Nebraska

Alec Miller – External Vice President
Psychology student
136 Nebraska Union

Office of Global Strategies

Dave Long – Director of Global Safety & Security
Love Library South (LSS) 110 G
Lincoln, NE 68588-4112

Student Affairs

Ryan Lahne – Assistant Vice Chancellor
106 Canfield Administration Building South
Lincoln, NE 68588-0452

Faculty Senate

Steve Kolbe – Associate Professor, Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film
Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts

Chancellor’s Commission on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct

Aaron Dueker – Assistant Director for Sports Programs and Campus Recreationg
Sapp Recreation Facility
Lincoln, NE 68588

Chancellor’s Commission of Status of Women

Tricia Besett-Alesch – Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
HCCN #223
Lincoln, NE 68588

Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Judy Walker - Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

Operating Guidelines


The Police Advisory Board supports an inclusive campus environment by serving as a connection between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department (UNLPD) and the campus community. UNLPD is committed to this purpose and seeks to engage the UNL community to gather input on matters pertaining to policing services and campus safety issues.

The Advisory Board functions as a consultative board for the Chief of Police on various matters and concerns involving the UNLPD and UNL community and as a forum to review, discuss, and provide input on programs and projects to improve campus safety. The Board makes recommendations to UNLPD on promoting public awareness and equitable policing services that will provide a sense of personal safety among all UNL community members. Further, the Advisory Board advises the Chancellor on issues pertaining to the UNLPD and campus safety. While individual members are free to engage in public advocacy on any issue, the Advisory Board best serves its purpose through periodic, confidential dialog with the Chancellor.

Advisory Board Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Police Advisory Board are as follows:

  • To advise the Chief of Police and Chancellor on University matters and policies relating to campus safety and security, public safety communication, and university police interactions and on related matters as appropriate.
  • To advise other members of campus administration as the Chief of Police and Chancellor deem appropriate.
  • To suggest to the Chief of Police and Chancellor issues relating to the University Police Department that should be part of the campus administrative agenda.
  • To communicate to the Chief of Police and Chancellor the perspectives of faculty, staff and students on University policies and decisions.
  • To assist the Chief of Police and Chancellor in addressing issues related to the University Police Department.

Operating Procedures

Each member of the Police Advisory Board agrees to abide by the following:

  • Good faith effort to attend all meetings of the Board.
  • Topics may elicit opposing opinions or positions. Members will promote civil discourse encouraging open discussion.
  • Members will consider the confidentiality of specific information and will respect that certain information may not be shared.
  • To encourage problem solving, issues should be brought to the attention of the Advisory Board and the Chief of Police prior to elevating to the Chancellor


  1. Members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed for two (2) year, staggered terms. Members may request to their organization to be reappointed for one (1) additional term. Nominations from the representing organization will be due by March 15 and appointments forwarded to the Chancellor for approval by April 15 of each year. Terms shall begin on August 15 of each year, but members may serve until their successors are confirmed.
  2. The Board shall consist of 16 members -14 full members and two advisory members:
    1. One student representative from the ASUN Committee for Diversity and Inclusion.
    2. One representative from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
    3. One student representative from the Association of Students of the University ofNebraska (ASUN).
    4. One representative from the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of People of Color.
    5. One student representative from the Residence Hall Association (RHA).
    6. One student representative from the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA).
    7. One student representative from Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
    8. One representative from the Faculty Senate.
    9. One representative from the University Association for Administrative Development (UAAD).
    10. One representative from the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA).
    11. One representative designated by the Chancellor’s Office.
    12. One representative from Student Affairs.
    13. One representative from Academic Affairs.
    14. One representative from the Office of Global Engagement.
    15. UNL Chief of Police(Advisory).
    16. UNL Police Officer or Police Sergeant(Advisory).

Officer Duties

  1. The Chair shall:
    1. Preside over meetings of the UNLPD Advisory Board.
    2. Maintain contact with organizations to ensure a full UNL PD Advisory Board.
  2. The Vice President shall:
    1. Collect items from members of the UNLPD Advisory Board to be placed on the meeting agenda.
    2. Act on behalf of the President in the event of the President’s absence


  1. Candidates for Chair and Vice Chair shall be nominated through motion(s) by member(s)of the UNLPD Advisory Board and a subsequent vote by theAdvisory Board.
  2. Nominations and election for officer positions shall be made at the monthly meeting of the UNLPD Advisory Board in April.Officer elections shall be decided by a majority vote of the UNLPD Advisory Board, excluding the candidates for the officer position in question.


  1. Members are encouraged to submit agenda items in advance to allow others to prepare for the meeting.
    1. The last item of every agenda will consist of “other business” for items that do not make it onto the agenda.
  2. Agendas should be shared with the full membership of the UNLPD Advisory Board prior to the next meeting.
  3. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the UNLPD Advisory Board members.
  4. Due to the nature of material being discussed, unless specifically invited to provide information on a specific item, only those serving as the organization representative on the board will be allowed to attend meetings.