Safe Exchange Zones

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department offers Safe Exchange Zones as designated areas where UNL students, faculty, or staff can safely meet others in person to complete transactions arranged online. These areas are recorded via CCTV cameras and available for use 24/7, helping students avoid meeting others at the residence halls, private residences, or unfamiliar locations.

Safe Exchange Zones are marked with signage and are located at:

Safety tips for online transactions
  • Only work with buyers and sellers who are local
  • Do not meet a buyer/seller alone if possible, and meet in a public location
  • Avoid carrying more cash than necessary for the transaction
  • Carry a charged and working cell phone in case of emergency
  • Avoid sharing personal details or information that divulge where you live or work
  • Inspect items carefully to ensure they match the description and your expectation
  • Be aware of scams such as checks for more than the agreed amount or requests for prepaid cards instead of cash
  • Money sent through a payment app can be difficult to get back in the event of a mistake or fraud. Confirm the agreed amount and the identity of the person receiving the money
Safe Exchange Zone guidelines and limitations

Safe Exchange Zones cannot be used to exchange items prohibited by UNL policy or law, such as firearms or weapons, hazardous materials and explosives, or any kind of drugs or medication. Property may not be dropped off unattended, and sellers are required to take their property with them if the buyer doesn't show.

UNLPD officers cannot be a witness to transactions, assess value or authenticity of items or currency, help negotiate price, or provide legal advice. UNLPD officers can run the serial number of an item to determine if it has been reported stolen. If an item is found to be stolen the item will be seized, and compensation is not provided for the seized item.

While the Safe Exchange Zones are recorded via CCTV, they are not monitored continuously. They are provided as a courtesy for public, well-lit, and recorded locations to conduct legitimate transactions. UNLPD cannot guarantee the safety of using a Safe Exchange Zone.