If you have excellent communication, sound judgement, and a high level of integrity, we have career opportunities for you! We will accept applications for all posted positions on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln employment website. After applying, our office will contact you regarding next steps and additional information that may be needed. For current openings and additional information for each position, please visit the website.

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Our Team

The University Police Department staff includes some of the most dedicated individuals in the state of Nebraska. We are committed to making a positive difference in the community and the state.

Ensuring safety requires dedicated individuals who are sensitive to the community's diverse needs. When addressing the issues that we face, we encourage a collaborative approach because maintaining a safe and secure environment is everyone’s responsibility. In performing our duties on campus, we maintain excellent working relationships with our local and federal law enforcement partners.

The University Police Department is a full-service CALEA accredited law enforcement agency. Our team includes:

Police Officers

  • Uniformed Patrol
  • Investigations Unit
  • Crime prevention/training Unit
  • Bicycle patrol
  • Task force participation


  • On-site dispatch center
  • Utilizing community-wide, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system
  • Community-wide radio system
  • Campus alarm monitoring
  • Closed circuit TV (CCTV) patrols

Community Service Officers

  • Security for residence hall complexes
  • Regular interaction with students
  • Event security

Support Personnel

  • Specialized non-commissioned employees in GIS, IT, Building Access, and Software Development
  • Wide range of functions supporting public safety operation


  • Opportunities for students occur within our IT, Building Access, and Patrol divisions
  • Student on-campus opportunities can be found on the HandShake website.