Building Access

Building Access Department

On-campus building access is managed by the the Building Access Department. This department is housed within the UNL Police Department at 300 N 17th Str on City Campus. The Building Access Associates are responsible for card access additions/revocations for personnel, adjusting electronic door schedules, facilitate the ordering of keys on campus, and assisting the University in its access control needs. Building Access Associates work closely with the University’s Key Managers and Deans/Directors to assist departments in coordinating their electronic card access through UNL NCards and physical key access.

Due to an anticipated high volume of requests, please consider emailing requests or leaving a voice mail so we can prioritize and promptly return your call. After hour emergencies can be directed to UNLPD Dispatch at (402) 472-2222. As of 7/28/2020 keys can be picked up in the UNLPD lobby.



The Building Access Department can be reached during normal business hours (8am - 5pm) using the contact information below. After hour emergencies for access control can be directed to the University’s Police Department Dispatch at 402-472-2222.

Building Access Department

Main Number, 402-472-2227

Cody Hoegemeyer, 402-472-0591

Jill Meginnis, 402-472-8428

Arlan Nelson, 402-472-8479

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I need card access right now?
A. In order to maintain a high level of security, the University has implemented a new process for obtaining card access. We ask that you notify your key managers of your card access needs and allow up to 24 business hours for the request to be processed.

Q. Who is a Key Manager?
A. Key Managers vary between departments; contact your Dean/Director for designated Key Manager's information.

Q. Why card access instead of physical keys for exterior doors?

  • Events at other campuses have increased awareness regarding how to best maintain a safe campus environment. In response, UNL doors have card access on at least one exterior door on every major campus building and interior high security areas. (Exterior door keys will not be available for buildings with card access). Other doors (not necessarily all doors on buildings) have electronic locks which allows these doors to be remotely locked and unlocked and/or set on timers to automatically lock and unlock on schedules. In 2006, UNL modified its Key Policy. This policy identifies two classes of keys:
  • High security keys - a key which opens a space that has been determined by UNL Police or Environmental Health and Safety(EHS) to require tighter control of security and additional access restrictions because of the contents or activities conducted within. Because safety and security concerns are heightened during non-business hours, keys which open exterior entrance doors to buildings are considered High Security Keys. Master keys are also considered High Security Keys.
    • Deans or Directors controlling an area may authorize an exception to standard building security, allowing specified personnel with a need for access outside regular building hours to have high security keys for their departments/units. To request a high security key, the Dean/Director approves and submits a Key Contract to the UNL Police Department for a specific individual(s). The key is issued after the individual appears, in person, at the University Police Department and presents their N-Card for verification.
    • Card access, if installed for high security areas, can be obtained through a request and does not require an appearance at the Police Department. Usually a 24-hour notice is needed to fulfill requests. Large, multi-person authorization of card access can be completed electronically; contact UNLPD Building Access (402-472-2222) for details.
  • Interior key - A key which provides access to a space that has not been determined by UNL Police or EHS to require tighter control or access restrictions.
    • These keys continue to be managed by the individual campus department. The Dean/Director shall designate a Key Manager(s) for their area. This person(s) will be authorized to request interior keys and conduct day-to-day management and record-keeping of departmental keys.

Q. What if my NCard is activated but won't open a door?

  • Exterior doors will be locked at all times outside the building's normal business hours. Exiting the building will not be affected.
  • If you work late, you may still exit the building as normal and do not need your NCard activated.
  • If you have legitimate business or operational needs to work in your building after hours, weekends or holidays you may request access through your Dean/Director.

Q. How do I request an interior key for a space my department controls?

  • Interior, department keys are controlled by your Department/Building Key Manager.
  • Only the department designee completes the online Key Request.
  • Key Requests processed by 12:00 noon, will generally be available at University Police after Noon on the following business day.

Q. May I order a key for a door controlled by card access?

  • No, we do not allow keys to be ordered for any door controlled by card access.
  • Per the UNL Design Guidelines, all card access doors are put on the Fire Life Safety Primus Key.
  • Allowing a key to function would negate the need for card access.

Q. How do I request an exterior door key or access for a space my department controls?

  • After hour access can only be granted through card access using your NCard.
  • Buildings will have pre-determined hours of operation. Deans/Directors are authorized to request or approve exceptions to building security to those students and employees with needs for accessing the building outside of normal hours of operation.
  • With authorization from your Dean/Director, requests can be submitted only by the Dean/Director or their designated Key Manager.
  • Once the request is received, the recipient will be notified by email that the request has been approved.

Q. Who approves key requests?

  • The Key Manager designated by the Dean/Director approves requests for interior doors controlled by the Department.
  • Your Dean/Director authorizes requests for exterior door access. University Police provides final approval of requests.

Q. Where do I pick up my keys?

  • Interior Door Keys may be picked up by the Department's Key Manager, or their designee, at University Police, 300 N. 17th Street.
  • Keys may only be picked up by the Key Manager, their designee, or the person to whom the keys will be issued.
  • Key Requests will be held at University Police for 30 days after the initial request. Keys not picked up within 30 days will be returned to the Key Shop and the order cancelled.

Q. What happens if I don't pick up my keys from the Key Desk?

  • Key requests will be held at University Police for 30 days after the initial request. After 30 days, the request is cancelled and the key returned to key storage.
  • Following the 30 day period, a new request is required to obtain the requested key(s).

Q. How do I transfer keys from one employee to another?
A. Departments are responsible for tracking, issuing, and reissuing keys to non high-security spaces controlled by that Department. Contact your Key Manager for directions.

Q. How do I return keys?

  • You may return your department interior keys to your Department Key Manager.
  • The Department Key Manager can run a report of the current keys assigned to you.
  • Found keys, unidentified keys, or rogue keys should be turned in to University Police.

Q. Whom do I notify for lost, stolen, or keys or cards that are not returned?

  • Lost or stolen keys should be immediately reported to your department key/card coordinator and University Police.
  • Lost or stolen NCards should be immediately reported to University Police so building access can be deactivated. Once a new NCard is obtained, building access on the new NCard may be restored.

Q. What do I do if I find keys or NCards?
A. Keys or NCards should be turned in to University Police.

Q. May I have a key duplicated?

  • All keys are made by the University Key Shop. Duplication of university keys is strictly prohibited.
  • Keys must be requested through your Department Key Manger.
  • Keys are not to be loaned out and must remain in the possession of the Key Holder.

Q. What do I do if my new key does not work?

  • Have your Department Key Manager request another key, using the option of replacement for a bent/broken/non-working key.
  • If the lock is broken and not related to a key problem, call the FMP Help Desk at 402-472-1550.

Q. What do I do with obsolete keys?
A. Obsolete keys are to be returned to University Police.

Q. Why is there an annual audit?
A. An annual audit is required by each department to validate the continued use of keys/cards they have issued. A notification from University Police will prompt units of the audit to be undertaken.

Q. Who can request access reports for doors/who can request a report of personnel who have access to doors?
A. The Key Manager designated by the Dean/Director approves requests for interior doors controlled by the Department can only request access reports for their areas