Property Registration & Weapons Storage

Having an inventory of your property on hand or pre-registering them with us can help ease your report process in the event of theft. Also, UNL Police provides weapon storage free of charge to students and faculty.

Property Registration

If your items have serial numbers or unique markings, the item can be entered into a local and a nationwide computer system to identify stolen property. By recording your item's make, model and serial number, you greatly increase the chances of its recovery and proving a case against the person responsible.

You may use this inventory template to help you get started.

Having an inventory list of your property on hand or pre-registering them with us can help ease your report process in the event of theft.

Registering Your Electronics and Bikes with Us

You may also register your electronics and bikes in our database. If you have multiple items to register, submit the form once for each item. Email the University Police Property Unit at if edits or removals of registered property are necessary.

Register your bike and electronics online

Locating Serial Numbers


Serial numbers for bicycles are usually found engraved under the bottom bracket. It is easier if you place your bicycle upside down so that the seat and the handlebars are resting on the ground like in the image below. Other areas that may have the serial number include on the head tube or on the rear dropout.

bottom bracket
Serial number located at the bottom bracket
underside of bottom
Serial number located at the underside of the bottom bracket
Serial number located on the head tube
Serial number located on the rear drop out


Mobile Devices

Serial Numbers and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers for most smartphones can be found in the phone’s device settings or on the box of the phone. The IMEI number is used to identify valid devices and if the owner believes their phone is stolen, they may have their network provider use the IMEI number to deactivate the phone. Example IMEI format: 35891289645379426 / 54


Model and serial numbers for laptops are typically on a sticker or etched into the case on the bottom of the laptop or under the battery. Ensure you copy the serial number for the laptop itself and not an accessory, battery, or the operating system product key.

inside laptop
Serial number located inside of laptop battery compartment
underside laptop
Serial number located at the underside of laptop

Weapons Storage

UNL Police provides a FREE storage area for weapons. Our storage lockers are available as University policy prohibits the possession of firearms, ammunition or other dangerous weapons on campus or in student housing. This policy can be found in the Board of Regent Policies (RP-6.4.8). You can view exceptions to this policy for UNL here. These lockers are provided so that campus persons do not store their weapons in residence hall rooms, academic buildings or vehicles. Maintaining the weapons at the department provides a safer environment.

Students, Staff and Faculty are welcome to use our lockers for weapon storage. A matching identification is placed inside of the locker to confirm the owner's identity. University Police maintains the key for the locker and will be the contact for the owner when they would like to retrieve their weapon. Those wishing to utilize a locker will be asked to complete the following form.

University Police are available to check out weapons 24 hours a day. Those wishing to view the lockers before storing weapons may visit our department. We are located in the 17th and "R" Street parking garage (300 N 17th Street).