University of Nebraska Lincoln Police Department utilizes a web application Crowdfind to manage our lost and found inventory. The system can be searched and you can file a claim for an item at any time from your device.

Looking for an item?

To inquire about a lost item that may be in our lost and found:

  • Check the Crowdfind database for your lost item below
  • If your item isn’t listed, please file a claim

Found an item?

Items can be dropped off at the UNLPD front desk 24/7. Also, if you are turning over property from a department, please contact UNL Police at 472-2222 to arrange pick-up.

Claiming an Item:

  • Individuals claiming an item must fill out the form associated with their item on our database. This can be done by clicking “details” under the image of the item and answering the questions. An UNLPD staff member will either message you with a “match”, ask for additional information or reject your claim if sufficient information isn’t given.
  • Please allow 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday) for a confirmation or rejection of a match.
  • Once a “match” has been made, claimants may pick up their items at UNLPD (300 N 17th Street).
  • Claimants must provide a photo identification that matches the information filled out on the claim form. Contact information will be logged before the item(s) will be released.

Lost and Found Information for Departments:

UNLPD will accept lost and found item(s) from other buildings and departments on campus. UNL departments will turn over items of significant value to UNL Police for secure storage and to attempt to find the owner. Other items should be maintained by the departments that find the items and held for 30 days.

The UNL Police Department will accept the following items as having significant value:

  • Prescription medication with identifying information
  • Purses, wallets, cash, identification cards, or charge cards
  • UNL and personal keys
  • Bicycles in working condition
  • Electronic devices valued over $250, or in a complete set with a unique identifying number or marking
  • Bicycles

*All other items can be maintained by the departments who find the items (or have them turned into them) and held for 30 days. After 30 days the property is deemed abandoned and can be disposed of by the department.

Contact the UNL Police Department (402-472-2222) with questions concerning the above items.  The UNL Police Department will keep lost and found items for 30 days. Attempts will be made to locate the owner. After 30 days the property will be deemed abandoned and disposed of in a manner according to statutory guidelines.