Our department is happy to help Recognized Student Organizations (RSO's) with their events. Your first step should be to complete the proper paperwork with Student Involvement.

The purpose of University Police officers at events is for the safety and security of participants, the enforcement of laws and University policies and the protection of University property. University Police are present to assist the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) in having a safe and successful event for everyone. The officer(s) is/are there to support RSO members as they implement the event. If you are planning the event you should present a clear understanding of the expectations of the officers prior to the actual event. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and University Police to be clear on what are reasonable and unreasonable requests and expectations. Listed below is other important information about our departmental requirements when it comes to your event.

Number of Officers Required

  • The decision to have University Police present at an event will be made by the University Police Department after consultation with sponsoring organization. The final determination for the number of officers required for the event will be made by University Police after fully discussing the options with all involved.
  • A sponsoring organization may be able to reduce the number of officers needed through proper event planning.
  • In addition to the above, the number of members which will be helping with the event, relationship to attendees and their prior training may help to reduce the number of officers.
  • Factors which will affect the number of officers for an event include:
    • number of University staff who will be present
    • plan of action in the event of a problem situation
    • prediction of crowd size, composition and expected behavior
    • overall planning for the event
    • type of event being held
    • location of event, history of event and nature of event (public or a student only event)

Responsibility of Officers

  • The University Police are responsible for keeping peace, protecting University property, enforcing laws and University policies and maintaining the safety and security of the participants.
  • The officers, with direction from their supervisor, will use their best judgment about how to execute these functions. Input from the sponsoring organization is welcome on how University Police may best support the event.
  • University Police have access to all areas of University property, in order to effectively execute their responsibilities.
  • At events where more than one officer is present, a supervisor may be designated. All information should be directed to the supervisor who will then inform the other officers. Officers present at an event will execute their responsibilities as directed by the supervising officer.
  • The officer(s) is/are present to provide support but should not expect the officer to be a door guard or hall monitor.

Security Costs

  • Sponsoring organizations should consult the University Police Department for projected costs and security options when initially planning an event.
  • University Police personnel working exclusively at an event are typically paid by the sponsoring organization.
  • Cost estimates will be developed and provided to the sponsoring organization.
  • A Cost Center for security charges should be provided to University Police in advance of the event. The charge for the event will be in accordance with the University Cost Center policy.