Crime Reporting / Records

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department is responsible for investigating all crimes and incidents occurring on UNL property. The University strongly encourages victims to report all incidents to UNL Police Department immediately, regardless of their nature.

This page covers How, When, and What to report as well as how to obtain copy of a police report. Information pertaining to specific crime categories such as theft (personal and identity), sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, and harassing communications can be found at the end of the page.

How to Report

UNL Police Department and the Lincoln Police Department use the same computer aided dispatch (CAD) system. Regardless of which agency you call, your call is entered into the system which routes your call to the proper agency for dispatching officers to the scene.

Crimes occurring on the UNL campus may be reported in person at 300 North 17th Street (17th St Parking Garage) or by calling UNL Police Department at 402-472-2222 any time of day or night.

For crimes occurring off campus, you may also contact the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.

Emergency Situations

For emergencies requiring police, fire or medical aid, please call 911. University Police can also be contacted.

Blue Emergency Phones

Blue Emergency Phones are located outside the Nebraska Union on city campus and outside the East Campus Student Union. These may be activated by simply pushing a button. This will connect you with UNL Police Department dispatch in the event you are reporting a crime. Locations of the emergency phones can be found at and selecting the emergency phone filter.


Information can be texted to University Police at 402-472-0800. To provide the best information in the quickest manner, it is recommended to make reports by phone, but texting is available particularly for those instances where noise or the circumstances at the time would necessitate text reporting.

Non-Emergency Situations

Non-emergency calls can be reported by calling the University Police at 402-472-2222.

Threat Assessment

University Police leads the campus threat assessment program. Police investigators conduct threat assessments in situations involving University students or employees regardless of location or for situations that could lead to significant disruption of University operations.

Call University Police at 402-472-2222 to report suspicious activities or troubling behaviors that can:

  • Cause harm or potential to cause harm, or
  • Threat to life safety, or
  • Real or potentially serious damage to University property or operations

Documents and electronic information can be delivered to the Threat Assessment team at or by calling the University Police. By calling attention to these types of behaviors we can help people who are troubled before they could harm themselves or others. The Threat Assessment Partnership is a collaborative effort among the university community. You can read more about the Threat Assessment Partnership in this PDF document.

Campus Security Authority (CSA)

The Clery Act establishes CSAs comprised of faculty and staff members who are unaffiliated with the Police Department. Students who have experienced or witnessed a crime and wish to talk to someone can contact a CSA here.

When to Report

Crimes in progress and crimes which have just occurred should be reported immediately by dialing 911. Whenever possible, please have the actual victim or witness of the crime call directly. First hand information is always more accurate and complete. Threatening behavior should be reported to UNL Police Department as soon as possible.

You should also, at any time, contact us when you are concerned that someone at the University is exhibiting troubling or threatening behavior that can potentially:

  • Cause harm or has the potential to cause harm, or
  • Threaten an individual's life safety, or
  • Cause real or potentially serious damage to University property or operations

By calling attention to these types of behaviors the Police Department can do a threat assessment to help people who are troubled before they could harm themselves or others.

What to Report

The dispatcher will ask a series of structured questions and have officers responding to the appropriate area. Listen carefully to each question and try to answer it the best you can. Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so. Information the dispatcher may ask you for includes:

  • Where did the incident occur? Include building and room area.
  • How long ago did the incident occur?
  • Give a brief description of what occurred.
  • Did the suspect(s) have any weapons?
  • Where and when was the suspect last seen?
  • Which direction was the suspect headed?
  • Was the suspect on foot or in a car?
    • Vehicle description, color, make, model and license plate
  • What did the suspect look like:
    • Gender, Race, Age, Height and Weight, Hair Color and Length, Clothing, Glasses/Facial Hair
    • Was the suspect carrying anything?

Obtaining a Police Report

A police report may be needed for personal record, insurance purposes, or job applications. To obtain a police report, please print out and complete the Records Request form below. Once completed, please return it to the Police Department by either in person or fax/mail to the address stated on the form.

Record Request Form