Campus Security Authorities

The Clery Act establishes Campus Security Authorities (CSA) that are comprised of UNL faculty and staff. Action may not become part of the outcome when you contact a CSA. Therefore, if your issue is emergency in nature please refer to our Crime Reporting page instead.

Someone is Here to Listen

The Clery Act also establish Campus Security Authorities (CSA) that are comprised of UNL faculty and staff. The intent of including non‐law enforcement personnel in the role of a CSA is to acknowledge that some campus community members, students in particular, may be hesitant about reporting a crime to the police, but may be more inclined to confide with other campus‐affiliated individuals.

CSAs have federally mandated responsibilities to report crimes that they witness or that they have been confided with. The outcome of their report becomes part of the aggregate statistical information in the university's Annual Campus Security & Fire Safety Report.

To find a CSA that you are comfortable speaking with, use the search below.

CSA Contact List

Searches name and department
UID Name Job Title Department Department Location Phone
Engineering Computer Science
Engineering Computer Science
Advisor-Reformed University Fellowship Music
Eastern NE Research & Extension Center
Advisor-Student Alumni Association Alumni Association
Procurement Services
Undergraduate Education & Student Success
Commander - Naval ROTC Adjunct Faculty
Office of the University Registrar