Active Shooter Response Training

The potential of active shooter incidents happening on-campus should not be taken lightly. Faculties and staff should take active interest in learning how to respond to such threats and decrease casualty likeliness.

Training Video

The Emergency Planning and Preparedness website has an informative 10 part training video titled "Shots Fired On Campus: When Lightning Strikes" that you should watch to make yourself more aware of what to do during the emergency situation. Login is required to view the video.

What to do when it Happens

The Emergency Planning and Preparedness website also lists three important possible steps to take when an active shooter incident is on-going. There are listed as follow:

  • Run - If there is a clear and safe escape route you should take it.
  • Hide - If there is no escape and you can get to a secure location to hide. This can involve turning off lights in a classroom and staying out of sight.
  • Fight - If your only option is to defend yourself, fight as if your life depended upon it. Use objects in your environment as weapons to defend yourself.

The page also describes a series of steps that you can take depending on your situation. Please visit the web page to read up and familiarize yourself here.