Weapons on campus

Possession of dangerous weapons and firearms on any University property is a violation of Nebraska state law and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Weapons Policy. A dangerous weapon shall include firearms, knives, explosives, or any other item defined by statute or as determined by the University, which in the manner used or intended is capable of producing death, serious bodily injury, or harm to property.


Q: Can I possess a firearm on campus if I have a concealed carry permit from Nebraska or another state?
A: No. All firearms, concealed or visible, are prohibited at schools and school property by Nebraska state law and UNL policy. Regarding the possession of firearms, the University is defined as a school by N.R.S. 28-1201.

Q: Are stun guns or pepper spray considered dangerous weapons?
A: By their design, pepper spray, mace, and similar self-defense items are not intended to cause serious bodily harm when used as intended. Therefore, it is not prohibited to possess these items, however improper or careless use may be in violation of state law and UNL policy.

Q: My permanent residence is far away, and I want to legally hunt in Nebraska. Can I bring a firearm to campus for hunting?
A: UNL Police provides free weapon locker storage for students, faculty, and staff on campus. See Firearms Storage for more information.

Q: Does the new permitless concealed carry law allow concealed firearms to be carried onto campus and sporting events?
A: No. The law does not change the provision that firearms are not permitted on University property, including Memorial Stadium, Devaney Sports Center, and other UNL venues.