On this page you will find useful safety information that you can pass on to your loved ones who are attending classes here at the university.

How to Report

UNL Police and the Lincoln Police Department use the same computer aided dispatch (CAD) system. Regardless of which agency you call, your call is entered into the system which routes your call to the proper agency for dispatching officers to the scene.

Crimes occurring on the UNL campus may be reported in person at 300 North 17th Street (17th St Parking Garage) or by calling UNL Police Department at 402-472-2222 any time of day or night. For emergencies requiring police, fire or medical aid, please call 911 or the UNL Police Department.

For crimes occurring off campus, you may also contact the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000.

Husker Safe Walk

The University Police Department will provide a walking escort to all members of the University Community upon request. A Husker Safe Walk may be requested at any time while on campus by calling our Communications Center at (402)-472-2222.

This service is prioritized amongst other calls for service at any given time. These walks may be conducted by a Campus Security Officer, or a Police Officer, depending upon availability and staffing levels.

The response time for this request may be up to fifteen (15) minutes, or longer if our officers are dealing with an emergency situation. If you are requesting a Safe Walk at night, it is best to wait for an Officer in a public, well lit area. Please plan your request for this service accordingly. Advanced notification for utilizing this service is preferred. A University Police Officer will make every effort to accommodate your request; however, there may be times when this service may be delayed because of other duties. During these instances we ask for your patience and understanding.

Note: This service is meant to be used as a courtesy and should not be used for ongoing occurrences. If students know ahead that they will have to stay late on-campus, please arrange to have someone who can come pick them up or walk them to their vehicle.