Youth Activity Safety Policy FAQ


On this page we try to answer some of the frequent questions that we have received regarding the Youth Activity Policy. If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Business and Finance at 402-472-3217

Q. What is an activities contract?
A. An activities contract is a legal document between a non-UNL entity and UNL for the purposes of using UNL facilities for a camp/activity.

Q. Who needs to do an activities contract?
A. Any non-UNL entity wanting to use UNL facilities for a camp or activity for youth.

Q. Can activities use their own parental permission form?
A. Yes-the form in the policy is a sample for considering; however camps may use their own form or incorporate it into existing forms.

Q. What should happen if a child shows up the first day of the activity and doesn’t have all of the forms complete?
A. The activity should have a process where each child must sign in on the first day with a parent or guardian and the required forms are signed.

Q. When does the policy go into effect?
A. September 1, 2012

Q. What determines UNL sponsorship of an activity?
A. When UNL resources (financial) are used to help with the activity.

Q. Do volunteers have to go through a sex offender check?
A. Yes.

Q. Who do I speak with if I have questions about insurance coverage?
A. Greg Clayton, Director of Risk management and Insurance can answer your questions at 402-472-8044

Q. Who can I contact if I have a question about employee sex offender registry checks?
A. Owen Yardley, Chief of Police can answer your questions at 402-472-2222

Q. I need help checking driver’s records. Who can I contact?
A. Remember driver record checks only apply to UNL employees. If you need help, please contact Patrick Barrett, Director of Transportation Services at 402-472-2422

Q. Does a UNL sponsored Youth Activity require insurance coverage?
A. No, all UNL sponsored activities are covered through University of Nebraska Insurance policies.

Q. If I am a non UNL sponsoring organization am I required to have insurance coverage?
A. Yes, general liability limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence /$3,000,000 aggregate are required. Please see item 8 on page two of the policy.