Our organization is focused and dedicated to preserving the peace on-campus.

Our Mission

The mission of the University Police Department is to provide an environment of safety and security which ensures a peaceful quality of life in the university community by establishing collaborative partnerships with students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Our Values

Legally and ethically accountable for the welfare for others.


Well qualified and trained for performing our roles.


Readily available and easily approachable.


Timely action to events, requests or appeals for assistance.


Assured confidence in our work.


Objective and consistent in application and without bias.




Our Values




Organization Chart

Owen Yardley
Chief of Police

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Police Services

Gina Hotovy
Financial Specialist

Michael Maas
Accreditation & Compliance Manager

Mark Robertson

Emergency Management Coordinator

Shannon McVaney
Emergency Management Specialist

Sarah Murtagh

Human Resources & Public Relations Coordinator

Student Workers

Kathleen Brandt-Patrol

Torrie McGlothlin-Patrol

Kevin Draftz-Building Access

Cassandra Ramirez-Security Operations

Adam Santee-Dispatch

Mark Akinshev-IT

Hassan Ramzah

Assistant Chief

Jerry Plessel

Police Operations Captain


Kristy Beitler
Investigations Sergeant

Jeremy Carther

Eric Fischer

Vanessa Hohlen

Patrol Sergeants

Dave Dibelka

Aaron T. Pembleton

Doug Petersen

Bryan Warner

Jordan Wilmes

Uniformed Patrol

Greg Byelick

Kevin Carlson

Michael Dailey

Jared Dostal

Michael Eckel

Gary Etherton

Dayna Gulliksen

Russ Johnson


Jeremiah McDowell

Margot Nason

Jordan Newman

John O'Grady

Ryan Pillard

Chuck Ricketts

Joshua Rubottom

Paul Schmeling

Chadd Stutheit


Craig Teply

Megan Witherspoon

Director of Communications and Support

Dexter Ott
Receptionist/ Staff Assistant

Public Safety Systems Specialist

Zach Byers

Dispatch Supervisors

Spencer Conradt

Jessica Loos

Holly Yardley


Jeff Brassington

Aschyr Conley

Robert Draftz

Ella England

Zach Fischer

Jonathan Gentert

Allison Schultze

Robin Vorderstrasse

Kate Werner

Sean Humphrey

Information Technology Manager

Arlan Nelson
Systems Administrator

Bryan Meehan
Systems Administrator

Building Access

Megan Dolton
Building Access Supervisor   

Jill Meginnis
Building Access Associate   

Cody Hoegemeyer
Building Access Associate   

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Jared Burkholder
GIS Project Manager

Beth Peck
GIS Analyst

John Backer

Security Operations Captain

Nolan Conradt
Training Coordinator

Community Serivce Officer (CSO) Supervisors

Ronald Hoagland

Darrin Little

Community Service Program & Officers

Doug Brassington

Peter Delgado

Diana Elias

Aaron Fischer

Ricky Greene

Bethleen Hagemeyer

Leighton Larson

Theron Schamle

Thomas Tegley

Petya Ungurian

Karmen Weber

Team Breakdown

Police Officers

University Police Officers are committed to providing a professional and full service police department to the University. Officers complete their recruit training at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center located in Grand Island, Nebraska. Graduates then return to the department to enter into a three month Field Training Program. This program provides further training specific to campus law enforcement. Upon completion of this process officers are assigned to a patrol shift.

Patrol Operations

University Police Officers maintain a high level of visibility on campus, which helps create a strong connection with the community. Linked through our state-of-the-art communication center, our officers patrol campuses 24 hours a day on foot, in cars, and on bicycles. The University officers work collaboratively with Lincoln Police to prevent and solve problems in the areas around campus.


The Investigations Unit is responsible for in-depth investigations. Our role in investigations is three-fold: to investigate crimes, develop crime prevention strategies and tactics, and assist crime victims. The emphasis is on prevention. Technology plays a major role in efforts to reduce crime. Investigators use state-of-the-art exterior camera views along with other technologies in order to help them investigate matters to their fullest.

Community Services Officers (CSO's)

Community Service Officers (CSO) perform security functions for student housing, and complete a 8 week field training program specific to the University of Nebraska so they may better serve the campus community as first responders. CSO's are an important component in the security of the campus as they serve as additional eyes and ears to police officers. Although residence halls are the main priority, students will also see them occasionally in academic buildings, computer labs, libraries, and sporting events. Daily attire for the Community Service Officer is a uniform consisting of a gray shirt and black trousers.

Communications Unit

The University Police Communications unit consists of twelve full time dispatchers. Often, the public's first contact with University Police is with one of these trained dispatchers. After gathering the necessary information, dispatchers use a radio system to detail emergency responders to calls for service.

Dispatchers are highly skilled and trained to monitor the status of officers in the field and activities of other area law enforcement or emergency services near to campus that may affect the University Community. They are also responsible for processing reports, responding to requests for records, maintaining found property and issuance of department equipment, responding to inquiries at the department's service desk, monitoring life safety alarms, and analyzing of department statistics. A system of over 1,500 Security Cameras on campus allows dispatchers to view activity 24 hours a day